Seeking legal advice about your property before you sign a contract of sale? Good idea! First, if you haven’t already, register with Clarity. Then, simply upload your contract and Vendor Statement through our Advice Centre and we will give you specific advice on the terms of the contract, including the Particulars of Sale, the General Conditions and any Special Conditions in your contract. We will also give you a summary of the main issues arising from our review of the Vendor Statement. If there are any particular issues that you would like us to specifically address or clarify for you, just set them out in the Specific Questions or Additional Notes section below when you upload your contract.

Your advice and any other letters or documents we prepare for you will be uploaded to your dashboard. You will receive a notification by email each time we upload a document.

If you complete your transfer of the same property through the Transfer Portal, the cost of our advice to you is applied as a credit to your final invoice.

Once you receive advice about your property from our legal advisors, you can contact us to discuss it and any changes we recommend before you sign the contract or so we can clarify any other issues you may have before you make your offer to buy the property or sign the contract.  We look forward to hearing from you!

At the moment, only Victorian buyers can upload documents for legal advice about property in the Advice Centre or the Transfer Centre.