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Frequently Asked Questions

It keeps everything you need in one place and helps you to stay across everything that needs doing to complete your transfer.

When you register with Clarity, we’ll set you up with your own secure, personalised Transfer Portal, where we will upload all the information that you’ll need. From letters and other correspondence to any documents that you need to read or sign, everything will remain available in your Dashboard for easy access.

We’ll notify you with an email each time that something is added, and your Dashboard also has a to-do list, which will remind you if you forget to do something.

If you would like advice before you sign your contract, you can upload your contract to our Advice Centre and we’ll give you the advice you need. The costs of our advice are set out in the Advice Centre before you upload your contract and are payable when you submit it.

We know you’re conscious of costs, and so are we. So, to help out, whatever you spend in the Advice Centre is applied as a credit in your favour, if you complete that contract to settlement through the Transfer Portal.

Our Knowledge Centre doesn’t cost you anything. Simply register with Clarity for free access.

All of our costs are set out before you submit your contract to the Advice Centre or the Transfer Centre, so you are fully informed before you proceed. Payment in the Advice Centre is made when you submit your contract.

In the Transfer Centre, you have the option of full payment on submission, or staggered payment over two or three dates starting from when you submit your contract, and ending on the scheduled settlement date for your transfer. Remember, whatever you pay in the Advice Centre is applied as a credit in your favour in the Transfer Centre (for the same contract).  At the moment you can pay by direct transfer.

If you have already signed your contract and only need to transfer your property, then simply upload your contract into the Transfer Centre and we’ll take it from there. Everything you need will be added to your Portal, so that you are up-to-date and informed all the way through to settlement of your transfer.

No. In fact, we recommend that you obtain advice before you make an offer, to ensure whatever specific requirements you have in respect of the property that you want to buy are included in your offer. We can also draft special conditions for you to ensure that you actually get what you bargain for.

We would love to be able to give instant advice, but because we’re real people, at the moment we ask that you please allow at least five working days to receive our advice (so please don’t count weekends and public holidays!).

If you’re working through our Knowledge Centre, chances are that you haven’t found the property you are looking for yet. If you think you will want advice before you sign a contract, we recommend that you get a copy and submit it to the Advice Centre as soon as possible.

If a property is listed as going to auction, you can usually get a copy of the contract and Vendor’s Statement up to two weeks before auction.

If the property you are looking at is being sold by private sale, then an offer can be made by anybody at any time and is a little more unpredictable.

In either case, we will do our best to have our advice to you as soon as possible. If you upload your contract for advice the day before the auction, then, we’re very sorry, but you are unlikely to receive our advice in time.

You may visit our website anonymously. If you choose to register at Clarity Online, a number of different types of information will be collected:

– Account data (personal details, contact information, property details)
– Cookies or configuration data (your admin details may be retained on your browser)
– End user data via Google Analytics (including but not limited to IP address, location of visitor, date and time of visit, url you have been redirected from)
– System Generated Date (status of Advice tickets, Transfers etc)

At all times, Clarity will endeavour to ensure that any information you share with us, is kept confidential. In order to this, we undertake the following to prevent hacks and malware from compromising your data.

Clarity will:

  • Keep this website up to date and host on secure local Google Cloud based servers
  • Use security software and plugins including firewalls and active monitoring
  • Enforce deployment of security patches
  • Maintain a current SSL certificate and use HTTPS encryption
  • Not share your data with anyone, unless required to complete your transaction or required by law;
    For example. Brokers are only given access to your documents. No other information is shared with your Broker.

We ask that registered users:

  • Create and maintain secure passwords
  • Keep passwords private
  • Use private browsing if you are concerned about your personal data.