Why We Created Clarity

Buying a home or any other property isn’t easy, for a lot of reasons. There’s a lot to know and even  more to do. As lawyers, we have come to know over the years, those issues which many buyers are concerned about, the questions people have about buying a home and generally, what buyer’s want to understand better.

It was clear to us, that by providing information and advice to enable people to understand these things better, people were better informed and could negotiate with confidence to buy their home.

We thought it was about time that this information was made available online and free so that you can gain the knowledge you need, and when you need it, to confidently search for your home. We also thought it was about time that the property transfer process was made available to you on an online platform.

So, we built Clarity – a place that you can access organised information and gain the Knowledge you need when you need it (the Knowledge Centre), a place where you can get legal Advice (the Advice Centre) and where you can complete your property Transfer through your customised Transfer Portal (the Transfer Centre).

Welcome to Clarity, enjoy the search for your home, make use of the information in our Knowledge Centre and we hope you stick with us through your entire journey from Knowledge, to Advice and ultimately with your Transfer.

Whatever you do, Clarity is here.