First Homeowner Tips: Buying a Home with a Spa or Pool

What you need to know if you’re looking at buying a house with a swimming pool or spa. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, or this is your second or third property, the rules are all the same when it comes to buying a place with a spa or pool! Generally, it is a must for all homeowners to have a spa or swimming pool on their property registered with their local council, this includes compliance certificates for safety barriers. Sometimes this can be overlooked by some homeowners so it is important if you’re buying a property with a pool or spa that you do your due diligence.

One thing you can do is simply check with the local council to see if the owner has registered their spa or pool. If the owner has not registered the pool at the property, then it may be up to you to do if you do buy it. A failure by an owner to register a pool or spa will generally have no effect on the sale of the property. Contracts of sale can contain special conditions which state clearly that it is the purchaser’s responsibility to complete any pool or spa registrations with council after settlement. This means that it can be tricky to get the original owner to comply. That is why it’s always important to have all the information before you purchase a place.

We’re not here to burst anyone’s bubble about buying their dream house with a spa or pool, we just want you to be aware of everything you need to know before it comes to purchasing a property. Understanding what other financial factors may come into play when purchasing a place is very important. It will also help you weigh up the pros and cons to a house before you make that next step!